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Japanese Food Specialist

Hideo Dekura is a culinary consultant, food stylist and author, with a focus on recipe development. He also gives demonstrations, lectures and classes in traditional Japanese Cuisine.  He is involved in product development for the import/export market and makes significant contributions to cultural events in Australia and overseas. He is recognized by the media and food industry as an expert on all aspects of Japanese Cuisine.  


We consult on

  • Japanese restaurant produce 

  • Event works for grobal corporate companies

  • Product development and refinement for food manufacturers on exporting and importing

  • Packaging design and presentation of food and related products

  • Product, cooking and promotional demonstrations

  • Marketing assistance between international manufacturers, producers and suppliers

  • Culinary design and Menu/Signature dishes development for restaurants and food industries.

  • Cultural liaising between Japan and overseas countries

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Made to order class

​For the professionals, Hideo caters for personal and professional cooking classes at the studio or your restaurant kitchn as well.


For apprentices: Personal training for future professional sushi chef in Australia. Also we can highly recommend you to Japan through working holiday program who is enthusiastic student with our private training program in Sydney.



For personal occasions; Hideo organizes very best of personal class just for yourself at your request.

Make an appointment, please contact us 


Maintain knives

​Hideo takes care of your Japanese knives, for sharpening knife requests.​

Sharpening your Japanese knife:

Over 30cm $30~

Over 20cm $25~

Up to 20cm $20

​Knives over 40cm - cost on request

Knives with a tipped blade, and other damaged knives will be charged extra.

Make an appointment, please contact us 


Hiring studio

​Our kitchen provides up to date cooking facilities and a comfortable dining area for small special occasion group events (up to 10 people) .


$70 plus GST hourly ~

Any inquiries...

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